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How to stop a pesky pest problem

The hot weather has created the perfect breeding ground for a summer infestation of rats, wasps and other vermin.

When the weather has been exceptionally dry, you may not see as many bugs outside, but there could be increased activity indoors, as they look to cool down and search for water sources.
What can you do to help?

If you’re worried that you might be at risk from an ant infestation you can put in place some simple repellant ant deterrent measures. The checklist below will help you keep your home or business free from pests, or make sure your infestation doesn’t grow.

• Keep food in sealed bins with closed lids.

  • • Look out for gaps or holes around pipes and cables entering buildings and make sure they are properly sealed.

  • • Try and be aware when you’re eating sweet food like ice lollies or ice cream, they attract wasps.

  • • If you have a pet – clear away any food that isn’t eaten straight away.

  • • If all else fails, call in professional pest control.

  • If you’re experiencing real issues and your home and garden become a feeding ground for pests, you will need to seek professional help to get rid of and keep away the pests this summer. You can hire a pest control service to come regularly and manage your pest control issues too. Advantage pest control have decades of experience in pest control, both on domestic and commercial premises. If you are in need of a pest control service, look no further.

    If you are beginning to notice pest issue around your home or business, call us at 01256 389124 or contact us online to get rid of all you pest needs today!